Up, Up, and Away!: Super Books for Super Kids

We've all wondered what it would be like to be a superhero! To fly, have super strength, or weather extreme obstacles is an idea usually left for the dream space. We all can't be Spider-Man, but below are some great books that emphasize the superhero that can be found in all of us!

Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken
By Sarah Dillard

Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken is about a young, ordinary, run of the mill chicken. But Warren wants to be more than ordinary, he wants to be extraordinary! Warren doesn’t want to just peep and eat chicken feed all day long; he wants to mix it up a little bit. Warren wants to be a superhero, Chicken Supreme, with his trusty sidekick Egg by his side. All the other chickens laugh at Warren’s attempt to fly and be more than your average chicken. Warren may not have super powers, but when a conniving rat shows up to trick Warren and the other chicks into being the main course at his barbeque, Warren and Egg have to show that they are more than just a chicken and egg. Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken, is a fun story about finding the extraordinary in us all, even if at times we may feel a little ordinary.

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man
By Michael Chabon, Illustrated by Jake Parker

Have you ever heard of Awesome Man? Well, if you haven’t, he’s pretty awesome. Awesome Man can fly, has super strength and can shoot positronic rays from his eyeballs! Flying through the city with his dog sidekick Moskowitz, Awesome Man battles giant robots, evil Doctors, and his arch nemesis The Flaming Eyeball. Probably the most awesome thing about Awesome Man is that he has an astonishing secret identity, but you’ll have to read to find it out! The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man is a great story for the classic superhero lover, and for the young heroes still learning their own superpowers.

The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy
By David Soman and Jackie Davis

Sam is Bumblebee Boy. Bumblebee Boy uses his imagination to combat rotten pirates. Sam’s younger brother Owen wants to play too, but Bumblebee Boy flies alone. Bumblebee Boy goes toe to toe with a giant flying dragon! Owen wants to help save the day too, but Bumblebee Boy flies alone. Until, Bumblebee Boy has to face a hoard of aliens on the moon...he may need a little help after all! From the creators of the Ladybug Girl series, The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy is a genuine story about playing nice together and not just about being superheroes, but about being positive role models.

Super Hair-O and the Barber of Doom
By John Rocco

Everybody gets their superpowers from somewhere. Super Hair-O gets his from his hair. With his hair he and his team of super friends can do anything! They can ride the fastest bike, jump the biggest jump and splash the biggest splash. But one day, things all change when Super Hair-O is forced to deal with his biggest nemesis yet, The Barber of Doom. Super Hair-O loses all of his hair and feels powerless! That villain! Super Hair-O doesn’t feel very good without his super hair, but through instinct Super Hair-O jumps in to rescue a friend in need. It turns out that powers can come from many different things, sometimes just from inside of us.

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