Bobblemas Visits Central Youth Services

Many of our most loved plays and movies started as books. According to its website, the Kansas City Repertory Theatre is going to produce its annual treat, A Christmas Carol, for its 34th season! Originally, though, the story was a book. In 1843 Charles Dickens first published his book about how stingy, inconsiderate Ebenezer Scrooge overcame his distaste for Christmas. Since then, this much beloved novel has come out in many editions, with The Kansas City Public Library owning 14 versions of the text geared towards kids. So, you might want to prepare for a visit to the play by cozying up with the words of A Christmas Carol from Dickens as The Ghost of Christmas Present did recently at The Kansas City Public Library’s Central Youth Services department. @KCRep #24daysofbobble

For other festivities on KCMO stages this December, The Kansas City Public Library has materials to get you ready, as well.


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Anna Francesca Garcia earned her Master of Library and Information Sciences Degree from the University of North Texas. She has worked in public libraries in Nevada and Missouri for a decade. Currently, Anna Francesca is Kansas City Public Library’s Education Librarian.