A Bone to Pick! : Book Review of Bone by Jeff Smith

Get ready to go an epic adventure with the Bone cousins in Jeff Smith’s graphic novel series, Bone.

Bone is the magical adventure of 3 bone-looking cousins — Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone — and their new misadventures living in the Valley, after Phoney gets them ran out their hometown of Boneville. All hope seems lost for the Bones, until Fone Bone runs into Thorn, a generous and kind human teenager who lives with her Grandma Ben on a small farm. Thorn and Grandma Ben eventually take in the Bone cousins, even against the Valley people’s wishes. Weird things begin to happen in the Valley upon the Bones arrival and no one knows who to trust. Word is that the evil Lord of the Locusts is back and for some reason interested in the Bone cousins. No one knows why, not even the Bones!

Everything in the Valley seems to be changing. Rat creature attacks are more frequent, Thorn keeps having strange dreams involving the Lord of the Locusts, and the dragons have reappeared after decades of hiding. The Valley has its secrets. Maybe there is a lot more to everyone than meets the eye … With time running short and the Lord of Locusts becoming more powerful every day, it’s up to Thorn and the Bones to search for clues and uncover the mystery that entangles them all.

Bone has great character development and hilarious writing. Each character's voice is so unique to the story, and crafted with delicate precision, that no two are written alike. One of my favorites is a Valley-wise, leaf-shaped bug with a country twang, named simply Ted. He has the ability — because he’s a bug — to travel through the forest undetected and help spread information to his friends when they need. In addition are two hilariously-incompetent rat creatures whose main desire is cook up Fone Bone into a quiche. Rat creatures in general are one of the main enemies that the Bones cousins encounter. These two are conflicted because they are hardcore rat creatures that want to eat a flaky pastry, an ongoing joke throughout the series.

With many other fun characters throughout the Bone universe, we saddle up for this fantastical, western-style adventure that involves, dragons, magic, talking critters, cow races, rat creatures, and a war with an evil so unstoppable, it pushes our main characters to very edge of their existence, almost literally. Bone is great for anyone into adventure, quests, and magic. I read Bone for the first time when I was 13 years old, again when I was 23 and it was still as exciting as the first read! With both detailed story and amazing illustrations, Bone will have you wanting to know more about these characters and their fascinating adventures.

About the Author

Shaun Teamer

Shaun Teamer is a creator and storyteller. He enjoys drawing, reading, animating and shooting videos. Shaun is currently a youth associate at the Kansas City Central Library.

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