Books for Military Families and People Who Care About Them

Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are flag-waving celebrations when we all think about those who serve are country. For some kids, though, this awareness is part of their lives every day. They have a family member deployed. On Sesame Workshop’s website, it details their initiative to support families with members in the military.

Your library is a resource too. We have several books about kids who have family members serving overseas. These are great not only for kids who are experiencing this but also for their friends who want to understand what it is like.

Melinda Hardin wrote, and Bryan Lango illustrated, two books for young kids with parents who are deployed. One is called Hero Dad, and the other is Hero Mom. These both show realities of life for parents who are soldiers. They also depict the love these parents have for their children.

A book with a similar message but that is geared for older kids is Love Lizzie, Letters to a Military Mom by Lisa Tucker McElroy with pictures by Diane Paterson. There is an introduction to this book by Senator Dianne Feinstein and an informational page at the back with tips on ways to cope if your family has a member who is deployed. The book itself takes the form of letters and drawings that Lizzie send to her mom as well as the letters that her mother writes back to her.

While these books all feature a parent in the military, Miriam Cohen and Ronald Himler’s book My Big Brother is about a boy whose role-model, his big brother, joins the military to pay for college. It shows how the younger brother takes on some of the responsibilities that had belonged to his brother when he was home. For example, he is now the one who helps their little brother prepare food. The book expresses how he misses his brother, but it also respects the wonderful ways that his brother has been special in his life.

Even scary situations are less scary when you are prepared for them. The library takes pride in providing information to kids and families so that they can face the challenges of life.

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