New Friends: Tales about Friendship

For those of us fortunate enough to have good friends in our life, we understand how important they are! Friends are fun, friends are trustworthy, and friends are there to help you when in need. Here are some fun books about characters creating new friendships!

Paul Meets Bernadette
By Rosy Lamb

Paul is a goldfish. Paul likes to swim, swim, swim all day in his goldfish bowl. Then, Bernadette dropped in. SPLASH! Bernadette is also a goldfish. Paul continues to swim, swim, and swim. Bernadette wonders why Paul swims around all day long. “What else is there to do?” Paul inquires. Bernadette begins to show Paul the wonders of the objects outside of their bowl with some of her own hilarious interpretations. Paul is not only excited to learn about the new discoveries outside of his bowl, but also excited about his new friend, Bernadette. Full of beautiful brush stroke-like illustrations, Paul Meets Bernadette is a sweet story about two new friends creating a bond through insight and exploration.

Two Tough Crocs
By David Bedford, Illustrated By Tom Jellett

Sylvester and Arnold are two big, tough crocs. One day Sylvester and Arnold are chasing smaller animals, and without looking crash into each other. The swamp was so large and wide that Sylvester and Arnold had never met. Sylvester and Arnold immediately try to frighten each other. They show their sharp teeth, they bulge out their eyes; they both even do their favorite two claw grip on each other. But then while wrestling, they hear a loud hiss above and meet Betty, the biggest, toughest, sharpest teeth, bulgiest eyed croc ever. Betty uses her favorite two claw grip on both of them and throws them in the mud! Sylvester and Arnold don’t feel like such tough crocs anymore. Sylvester and Arnold wait until night to leave, afraid of running into Betty again. While escaping, Sylvester and Arnold accidentally scare Betty and she falls back into the mud. Betty didn’t seem like such a tough croc anymore either. From that day forward, Sylvester, Arnold, and Betty decide that when they play, they will no longer have mean, ugly faces, but happy friendly ones instead. Two Tough Crocs is a great story about learning to play nicely, with an anti-bully message, underlined with just a taste of self-discovery and realization.

Rosie and Rex: A Nose for Fun!
By Bob Boyle

Rosie and Rex are best friends! They can’t wait to spend the day playing and laughing together. Rex wants to play robots, but Rosie wants to have a princess ballerina tea party. Rosie tells Rex that robots are not fun. Rex doesn’t think robots like tea. Rex and Rosie seem lost about what to do next until they come across a weird object on their path. Is it a sippy cup? Is it a vase? Maybe a robot helmet! Robots are not fun, says Rosie. Maybe it’s a bird feeder! Maybe a robot telescope! Sorry Rex, but robots are not fun. Little did Rosie and Rex know that their weird object is actually a robot's nose. Rosie, Rex, and the Robot celebrate with a Princess Ballerina Robot Tea Party! Rosie and Rex learn that with a little creative thinking, there is space for everyone’s ideas and you might be surprised about how much fun you have!

Two Speckled Eggs
By Jennifer K. Mann

It is Ginger's birthday and she's excited to invite all of the girls in her class to her party, except for Lyla Browning. Ginger’s Mom says all girls are invited or no girls are invited. Ginger chooses to invite Lyla. On the day of her party, Ginger is totally excited to play games, eat cake, and open presents! Lyla Browning shows up unconventionally early. Eventually, all the guests arrive for the party. Ginger is ready to start playing party games, but all the other girls keep wrecking them and changing the rules, except for Lyla Browning. They didn't even like her favorite cake, everyone except for Lyla Browning. They decide to open presents, but out of all of them, one stands out the most. A handmade brown box with a colorful nest that had two speckled eggs made of malted milk! And can you guess who got her this wonderful present? Yes, it was Lyla Browning indeed. Ginger was so happy with Lyla, they played together the rest of the party. Even when everyone left, Lyla stayed to play some more. A good story for anyone that has ever felt a little odd, Ginger learns a valuable lesson about judging others, and that friendships can arise when you least expect it.

About the Author

Shaun Teamer

Shaun Teamer is a creator and storyteller. He enjoys drawing, reading, animating, and hanging out with his friends. Shaun is currently a youth associate at the Kansas City Central Library.

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