Parties are fun year-round, and kids can enjoy the delightful craft and recipe given below whenever they choose. What inspired me, though, were celebrations for the New Year.

New Year’s Eve was a special time at my house when I was a kid. It was the time of year when I could have a friend for a sleepover. We made our own festive hats. One of my favorite memories is drinking mint milkshakes—a homemade treat that Mom only made for this occasion.

I found directions to make an awesome-looking, yet incredibly simple, see-through crown in Crafts for Kids by Gill Dickinson. Using thick tape, scissors, paper pieces and sequins, kids can be their own holiday haberdashers. If they have extra tape, they can create cuffs, too, as you see that I did in the photo. The book recommends this craft for kids 2-6-years-old and estimates that it will take ten to twenty minutes. (A grown-up may want to help with the second piece of tape since matching up the two pieces can be tricky).

I found a recipe for mint chocolate milkshakes on The Kansas City Public Library’s Primary Search Elite database.1 You can get to it from the EBSCOhost database link via our "Research Resources: Database" page (alphabetical letter E) or just click the link above.

Mom used vanilla ice cream with mint flavoring. This recipe uses mint chocolate-chip ice cream and melts chocolate-mint candy to drizzle over the glass. While a bit fancier than what I had growing up, it still sounds delicious.

1.TAYLOR, BRITTANY. "Shake it up!." Girls' Life June 2012: 92. Primary Search. Web. 24 Dec. 2014

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