Warm-Up This Fall

Summer has definitely gone on siesta. Winter hasn’t yet hinted it's near by dropping the temperature below freezing. Autumn, though, now blusters full-blast.

There are all kinds of ways that people bring warmth into their ever-cooling lives. A few are:

  1. Sipping hot cider or cocoa
  2. Wearing sweaters or jackets
  3. Cuddling with family or friends
  4. Sitting by a fireplace or fire pit (with a grown-up observing for safety).

You can also decorate your home to represent the season. I made the pumpkin décor that you see here using yarn, paper, and fabric along with scissors, tape, and a hole-punch. The idea came from Crafts for Kids by Gil Dickinson. I traded out the spider shape on the chain (page 53), using instead the outline from the Jack-O-Lantern template (page 141). By not putting on the Jack-O-Lantern faces, Halloween ending doesn’t send this string packing. It is perfectly appropriate to display pumpkins through November.

Another wonderful way to celebrate autumn is to cozy up with a terrific book. For the preschool set, try either Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson/ Illustrated by Buket Erdogan or Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. Both use simple words and bright autumn colors. Both rejoice in the beauty of fall leaves.

To recap, as the weather cools, savor gourds and the changing foliage. Snuggle with loved ones over warm drinks. Share books. May these activities bring you much warmth and comfort on even the windiest days.

About the Author

Anna Francesca Garcia earned her Master of Library and Information Sciences Degree from the University of North Texas. She has worked in public libraries in Nevada and Missouri for a decade. Currently, Anna Francesca is Kansas City Public Library’s Education Librarian.