Booketology: Round 1 Winners & Round 2 Announced!

Thank you everyone for an amazing Round 1 of Booketology! Are you ready for Round 2? Check the updated bracket to see if your choices made it to the second round, and vote now! Round 2 will be open from Monday, March 25 through Wednesday, March 27!

This round brings some epic match-ups: Scarlett O’Hara vs. Elizabeth Bennet! Alice in Wonderland vs. Willy Wonka! Princess Buttercup vs. Smaug! Decide who wins in Round 2!

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Did your favorites survive the first round of voting? Some outcomes were crushing defeats, such as when Scarlet O’Hara sent Amber St. Clare packing by a margin of 7-to-1, while others won by the narrowest of margins, like Easy Rawlins’ three vote victory over Stephanie Plum!

Round 1 Highlights:

Tyrion Lannister destroyed Thomas Covenant with nearly 75% of the vote, and Smaug killed The Last Unicorn by over 100 votes.

Graphic Novels
Wonder Woman narrowly defeated Spider-Man with 13 more votes, and in the end, Rorschach didn’t stand a chance against the Dream Lord himself, Morpheus!

Captain Ahab took down Queeg, while Huck Finn destroyed Holden Caulfield by over 90 votes.

Emily Polifax never stood a chance against Jane Marple, who won the vote by 3-to-1, and Tom Ripley murdered Kathleen Mallory by over 100 votes.

Science Fiction
There was no middle ground in Sci-Fi, with all winners taking huge leads. Congrats, HAL 9000, Phileas Fogg, Rick Deckard and Katniss Everdeen! Sorry, John Carter… you did as well as your movie, unfortunately.

Elizabeth Bennet took a sizable lead over Jane Eyre, while Lady Brett Ashley won over Countess Olenska with only 10 votes.

Marie Curie beat Stephen Hawking, and Maya Angelou never stood a chance against Martin Luther King, Jr., losing by over 50 votes.

Kids Classics
Willy Wonka defeated Dr. Dolittle by over 110 votes, and though Harriet the Spy put up an amazing fight, she just couldn’t surpass Harry Potter.

Vote in Round 2 Here!

Did you miss Round 1? Did all your favorites already lose? No worries - anyone can still vote! And you still have a chance for our Booketology Grand Prize Pack in our drawing!

The Rules:

  • The tournament begins Thursday, March 21, with six rounds of online voting to determine the reigning Booketology Literary Character Champion! The champion and drawing winners will be announced on our KC Unbound blog on Tuesday, April 9.
  • When each new round begins, the voting form will be available by 12 p.m. that day.
  • You can only vote once per round, but anyone can participate!
  • Participants who enter their name and email address in the Booketology voting form to be entered in a drawing for one (1) Booketology Grand Prize Pack and four (4) Runner-up Prizes!

    Booketology Grand Prize Pack includes:
    Four gift certificates to the College Basketball Experience! (redeemable for four adult admission tickets), and:
    Copies of our "Elite 8" winning characters’ books! (eight books total)

    The Runner-up participants will each win one book from our "Final 4" winners!

Booketology is part of Building a Community of Readers, a campaign to transform our community by promoting a lifelong love of reading!

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