Booketology: Sweet 16 Winners & Elite 8 Announcement

It's all down to the Elite 8! Our victors have won in their genres, now they face off against each other! It's Romance vs. Sci-Fi when Elizabeth Bennet battles Katniss Everdeen! Classics winner Huck Finn challenges top sleuth Jane Marple! Princess Buttercup has to defend her title against Batman! And Biography champ Marie Curie takes on Harry Potter!

Vote in the Elite 8 round here and be entered in to the drawing for four tickets to the College Basketball Experience and copies of our winners' books!

Voting for the Elite 8 will be open from April 1 through April 3. Curious how your picks did? Scroll down for the Sweet 16 results.

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Classics champion Huck Finn crushed Captain Ahab with a margin of over 50 votes!

In mystery, Tom Ripley never stood a chance against Jane Marple. Agatha Christie's crafty spinster won with twice the votes.

In a surprise Biography upset, Marie Curie beat Martin Luther King, Jr. by five votes!

Princess Buttercup proved that having a hit show isn't everything, beating Tyrion Lannister for the top Fantasy character. Better luck next time, Tyrion. On the bright side, at least HBO let you keep your nose.

And it was incredibly close in Graphic Novels, with the Dark Knight Batman defeating Wonder Woman by only one vote!

Wit prevailed in Romance, with Elizabeth Bennet destroying Daisy Buchanan.

The young upstart Katniss Everdeen narrowly defeated Science Fiction legend HAL 9000.

And in Kids Classics victor Harry Potter threw Alice down a rabbit hole, winning by over 20 votes.

Vote in the Elite 8 Here!

Just learned about Booketology? Did all your favorites already lose? No worries - anyone can still vote! And you still have a chance for the Booketology Grand Prize Pack in our drawing!

The Rules:

  • The tournament begins Thursday, March 21, with six rounds of online voting to determine the reigning Booketology Literary Character Champion! The champion and drawing winners will be announced on our KC Unbound blog on Tuesday, April 9.
  • When each new round begins, the voting form will be available by 12 p.m. that day.
  • You can only vote once per round, but anyone can participate!
  • Participants who enter their name and email address in the Booketology voting form to be entered in a drawing for one (1) Booketology Grand Prize Pack and four (4) Runner-up Prizes!

    Booketology Grand Prize Pack includes:
    Four gift certificates to the College Basketball Experience! (redeemable for four adult admission tickets), and:
    Copies of our "Elite 8" winning characters’ books! (eight books total)

    The Runner-up participants will each win one book from our "Final 4" winners!

Booketology is part of Building a Community of Readers, a campaign to transform our community by promoting a lifelong love of reading!

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