Help Us Get Google Fiber: Free Pre-registration Drive August 25

Google Fiber is coming to Kansas City. But will it come to all of KC – or just to the neighborhoods where people are already enthusiastic about having fiber-optic power in their homes and local schools and libraries?

At the Kansas City Public Library, we want everyone to be connected. It’s why we provide more than 700 public computers plus free wi-fi to our patrons. It’s also why we’re working to insure that each of our eight locations that are eligible for Google Fiber will receive the free connection that Google has promised to public buildings in neighborhoods that reach their goal by the September 9, 2012, rally period deadline.

Wait, there's a deadline?

It’s true. Google has divided KCMO and KCK into “Fiberhoods.” Each fiberhood must rally its residents to go online at and show their interest in receiving Google Fiber by paying a $10 pre-registration fee. All Fiberhoods must hit a minimum number of pre-registrations by September 9, or they will not get access to Google Fiber – and that includes the schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, and other public buildings located inside those fiberhoods.

At the Library, we want to provide all of our patrons with access to Fiber – but especially to folks in areas of town that aren’t already wired.

Let's Do This for Libraries

Saturday, August 25, 2012: Google Fiber Free Pre-registration Drive

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, we will be holding a free pre-registration drive at two of our locations where pre-registrations are lagging:

The L.H. Bluford Branch in Key Coalition North
3050 Prospect Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64128

The Southeast Branch in South Town Fork Creek
6242 Swope Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64130

Three weeks into the rally period, these two Fiberhoods have received pre-registrations in the single digits and are in danger of being left behind when Fiber comes to town.

The Library has received generous funding from the Friends of the Kansas City Public Library organization to pay the $10 pre-registration fees for the first 36 people at Bluford and first 67 people at Southeast who live in those fiberhoods and come in on Saturday, August 25, 2012, between 1-5 p.m.

Pre-registrations will be paid for on a first-come, first-served basis.

If Bluford's and Southeast's Fiberhoods don’t reach their goals on Saturday, the Friends will continue to offer free pre-registrations through the Library until they hit their thresholds.

Please spread the word to any individuals and organizations you know in and around Key Coalition North and South Town Fork Creek.

Below are two fliers designed by the Library’s Public Affairs department to get the word out about our free pre-registration drive. Download them, print them, put them on doors, and email them at will.

L.H. Bluford Neighborhood Flyer (PDF)
Southeast Neighborhood Flyer (PDF)

Thanks to the Friends of the Library for helping us to help make sure our patrons have a chance at the fastest Internet connection on earth.

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Jason Harper is the web content developer and social media manager at the Kansas City Public Library.
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