KCResearch Creates a “Green on Green” Map of Kansas City

It’s always exciting when we at the Library can inspire someone in our community to create something new. Especially something that speaks to the community in an innovative new way.

That’s what happened this week when our friend Carrie Wade of KCResearch used a recent contest held here on KC Unbound to create an interesting new map of Kansas City.

A project of the Kansas City Public Library, KCResearch is an online interactive repository of community information and resources created in and about Kansas City. As senior research coordinator for the project, Carrie has access to a lot of maps and data.

She recently attended a mapping and data visualization workshop where she learned to use a tool called Batch Geo. It’s a free, online application that lets you use Google Maps in conjunction with your own data to create interactive maps.

Well, as alert KC Unbound readers now, we recently solicited ideas from the public to create new maps of Kansas City as part of our Infinite KC Mapmaking Contest. The idea was to look at the landscape, compare the past with the present, and come up with maps that added an element of narrative to the local geographic.

The idea was inspired by Rebecca Solnit, who came to the Library in February to discuss her book of maps and essays Infinite San Francisco.

One of the contest submissions, by Rhonda Roosa, was for a map that compared the city’s parks and green spaces with average household incomes – a “green on green” map, if you will. Rhonda’s idea didn’t win our contest, but it did inspire Carrie, who used Batch Geo to create just such a map!

Well, two maps, actually. Follow the links below to check them out, and visit KC Research to learn more about how Carrie made the maps using Batch Geo.

KC Research “Green on Green” Map 1:
Green Space Locations and Average Household Income
KC Research “Green on Green” Map 2:
Green Space Locations and Median Household Income

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