Off-the-Shelf All-Stars: Mark Twain Voted Coach, Literary Midsummer Classic Closes

In by far the biggest landslide of this entire literary All-Star extravaganza, Hannibal's own Samuel Clemens (better known to book-ball fans as Mark Twain) was chosen Off-the-Shelf coach.

But lest you think the contest for chief was a shutout, this final draft saw some of the most creative write-in voting of the entire series so far.

Yesterday morning, the Major League Librarian Selection Committee (a shadowy organization powered by Thai noodles and the smell of old books)*, took to Facebook and presented its official nominees for a Regional Author to coach OTSAS: Mark Twain, Langston Hughes, Jim Butcher, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Though Twain took an early lead, candidates rolled in from all corners of Kansas and Missouri. Here's the final ballot as it appeared on this morning at the close of voting:

Though Twain prevailed by an out-of-the-park margin, the poetic Hughes garnered a respectable second place, write-in contestant Daniel Woodrell of the Ozark League came in third, and Independence hometown hero Butcher came in fourth.

And with that, our Literary Midsummer Classic closes.

Here's the final roster:

With Mark Twain leading the team, how could our Off-the-Shelfers lose?

After every good game, there's always plays to be discussed, outcomes to parse. So tell us: What did you think about the results? Any surprises? Disappointments?

Lastly, what would the team look like if you had designed it yourself? Post your All-Star selections in the comments.

We'll see you next time, friends. Keep your book bases loaded and swing for the fence.

*Big thanks to true Librarian All-Star Kaite Mediatore Stover for engineering much of the official roster.

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