We Want to Hear From You! (About Enhancing Library Card Benefits)

The Kansas City Public Library is considering a new program to enhance and extend the benefits of having a library card. This new service would provide access to community experiences and learning opportunities for library card holders, paired with recommendations based on your goals and interests. Informal learning pathways would help guide you through the program, hopefully resulting in tangible benefits such as knowledge of a new skill, a job opportunity or increased engagement in civic life.

Partnerships with local cultural institutions, corporations and nonprofits would allow the library card to be used as an “all-access pass” to classes, exhibits, performances, internships and mentoring around the city. You would be able to track your activity, and earn incentives and rewards along the way.

The Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas is helping to determine the level of public interest in this type of program. Please fill out the appropriate survey below to help them gather feedback about the potential impact of this initiative. Many thanks for your participation!