Teen Review: The Chaos

The Chaos, by Nalo Hopkinson

Teen Reviewer: Iris Borne

The Chaos is centered on Sojourner, aka “Scotch”, who starts developing black blemishes all over her body. She dreads going to school and fears that somebody might discover her past if she’s not careful. When her parents go out of state, she and her brother Rich see a chance to be free of their overbearing parents.

They go to a bar where a ball of light appears and Scotch dares Rich to touch it. When he does, he disappears and Scotch’s whole world is thrown into chaos: a volcano appears in the middle of a lake; stuffed animals come to life; running water turns into sprite; people change, not in good ways. Scotch watches in horror to see her blemish growing and spreading all over her body, but she can’t seem to stop it.

Then she meets an old woman who seems to have adopted a house with chicken legs and her world gets much crazier. Who is good and who is evil in this insane new world? Will things ever be normal again for Scotch? For the world? This book is full of twists and turns that you never see coming, so be prepared for a wild ride.