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Missouri’s secretary of state wants to enact a new policy that libraries believe endangers your freedom to read and threatens to reduce community access to public library books and other resources. A public comment period runs through Thursday, December 15, 2022, giving you a chance to speak up for your right to read and speak out against censorship. Learn more and take action today.
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Podcast guest Lolita Rucker is an insurance broker, notary public, and former Internal Revenue Service employee who understands the intricacies of forms many people find confusing. Now, she works to fill in financial knowledge gaps for other people.

'Money Defined' on green background with wavy grid

Podcast guest Dee Moore is a former stockbroker, self-taught business owner, and director of a personal chef company with a presence in 28 states. Raised by well-off grandparents in Houston, Texas, Moore never worried about money growing up. All of that suddenly changed after her grandmother disowned her, and she found herself living out of her car with her toddler and another baby on the way.

A reader helped us get into the Halloween spirit by asking, “Did Spiritualism ever become popular in Kansas City?” The What’s Your KCQ? team found that not only did the movement gain followers here, it also caused a scandal that made national news.

Maya Angelou book award

The Maya Angelou Book Award reading committee has selected four finalists for the second annual award, which is presented by the Kansas City Public Library, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and five other universities in the state.

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In celebration of KC Oktoberfest, the Library's Missouri Valley Special Collections highlights the city’s German American and beer brewing history. Learn about two prominent families who made names for themselves in the brewing industry -- the Muehlebachs and the Heims -- and about how a 19th-century German biergarten and amusement park occupied the site of today’s Crown Center. Attending the event? Stop by the Library's booth and pick up a set of cards that showcase these three sudsy stories from our city's past.