Job search strategies

These 10 tips should help you find the job that you've been looking for.

1. Make your online presence professional.

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other site, you need to get your online presence in professional order. Adjust your privacy settings if needed and think about what a potential employer could see and how that might affect your job application.

2. Identify the type of job that you prefer.

Think about your skills, experience, and education. Identify what type of job you would like to have. Create a list of keywords to use when searching online job listings.

3. Research potential employers and industries.

  • Use the A to Z or Mergent Intellect databases (Library card required from home) to create a list of companies you want to target.
  • Visit the company websites to learn about how many employees they have, their products and services, locations, and other information that might apply to your job search. Check their job listings. If a company doesn't list job openings on their website, call them and ask if they have any opportunities.

4. Network.

Use your network to learn about jobs. Contact people you know from previous jobs, professional associations, volunteer work, alumni associations, friends, and family.

  • If you aren't on LinkedIn, set up an account, fill out your profile, and start networking.
  • Consider using Twitter for networking and job searching as well.
  • For still more help with networking, look over these books available at the Kansas City Public Library. Search the Library's catalog under the subject heading "Business networks."
  • 5. Search for jobs.

    Search for jobs on job listing sites. Go to our Get hired page for a list of sites.

    Keep these things in mind as you use job search websites:

  1. Do an advanced search whenever possible. This will allow you to input more specific information into the search engine so that you get better results!
  2. Most job bank websites organize job postings into categories. Take the time to look through these categories to determine which you should use for the type of job you are seeking. Some jobs will fall into several different categories. Ask a librarian if you need assistance determining which category to use.
  3. Many job board websites also allow you to attach your resume to their system. This can make applying for jobs you see on the job board easier. Ask a Block Center staff member if you need assistance with this.
  4. Use the database (Library card required from home) to access helpful videos on job searching.

6. Work as a temp or volunteer.

Consider working as a temp or volunteer. Many temporary positions can lead to full-time work. While volunteering won't net you a paycheck, you will get your name "out there" and demonstrate that you're reliable, have a positive attitude, and are sincerely interested in a particular organization. Volunteers often receive special benefits, and many organizations draw from their volunteer pool when seeking new paid employees. Visit The Call KC, United Way of Greater Kansas City, or VolunteerMatch to identify volunteer opportunities for hundreds of organizations in our area.

7. Check out local job and career fairs.

Job and career fairs provide the opportunity to meet many potential employers at one time. Ask a staffperson in the Business & Career Center for information about current job fairs in the Kansas City area.

8. Consider an internship.

If you're a recent graduate, an internship is a great way to get work experience in your field.

9. Stay organized.

As you apply for jobs, stay organized. Keep a list of the potential employers you contact, including when you contacted them, who you contacted, how you contacted them, and any result from the interaction.

For additional information, contact an H&R Block Business & Career Center librarian by phone, 816.701.3717, or by e-mail,