Digital Inclusion

Exclusion from access to computers and the Internet, including high-speed connectivity and digital literacy training, can have profound repercussions for those on the wrong side of the digital divide. Those without access are increasingly disadvantaged in today’s digital society, facing challenges in conducting business, accessing health information, gathering research, looking for jobs, learning, completing school assignments, securing government services, and communicating on a day-to-day basis. The Library is committed to solving the problems related to the Digital Divide, and is currently involved in the following initiatives:

HotSpots for Learning

This pilot project provides a mobile internet hotspot and a tablet computer to 25 students from East High School and Central Academy of Excellence, for use at home by themselves and their family members. This program is a partnership between the Library, Literacy Kansas City and Connecting for Good, with funding from Mobile Beacon.

Kansas City Digital Media Lab

The Kansas City Digital Media Lab (KCDML) engages teens through access to creative and innovative technologies at a number of different locations.  Learn more about the KCDML »

Kansas City Alliance for Digital Inclusion

The Library is a founding member of this fledgling organization, which brings together local Digital Inclusion practitioners and service providers in order to increase capacity and reduce duplication of effort. Learn more at »

Public Computing Facilities

Every Library location is equipped with publicly available PCs for use by anyone with a library card.