Library Levy Question - Text

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The Need

The current level of funding, set in 1996, is no longer sufficient to sustain operations at the Library system’s 10 locations and the current level of on-site and online services they provide. Demand in the community is great, as reflected by the more than 4 million visitors to the Library in 2017-18. Levy funds supporting its operations and services have grown by less than 1 percent annually over the past decade, failing to keep pace with residents’ rising needs.

Yes to the Library Question Means

  • Expanding Library services for children, students, seniors, families, and others
  • Extending Library hours, increasing access to programs and materials
  • Modernizing computers and other digital resources and expanding training
  • Renovating or replacing aging Library branches

No to the Library Question Means

  • Acquiring fewer new materials and resources including books, movies, music, magazines, databases, and other research tools
  • Cutting back Library hours, reducing access to computers, materials, services, and programs
  • Scaling back technology updates and likely falling short in meeting our community’s growing digital needs
  • Making only basic repairs and postponing renovations; facilities will deteriorate

The Library Impacts Lives

Enhancing children's and youth literacy

Children's programs, including story times and Friday Night Family Fun events, drew 73,084 participants.

The Library’s Books to Go program delivered 101,600 materials to approximately 4,700 children at preschools and childcare centers..

Participation in youth summer reading, designed to maintain reading retention between school years, totaled 3,483 children and teens, a 55 percent rise from the previous year.

Helping seniors stay independent

Seniors and others who are homebound received 13,985 books and other Library materials.

More than 31,000 seniors were Library card holders.

Library outreach services were provided to 16 senior living communities.

Advancing computer access and literacy

Computer and wireless internet sessions at Library locations totaled 800,026.

Public computer use totaled 335,871 hours.

Individuals seeking to improve their computer skills participated in 31,632 classes, learning circles and one-to-one sessions, and online training sessions.

Access to Information for All

4,033,872 In-person and digital visitors to the Library

1,948,409 Items checked out by community members

69,800 Inquiries and information requests fielded by librarians

198,877 Attendees of the Library's acclaimed adult and children's programs

How would this levy increase affect my property taxes?

Home Market Value Added Yearly Cost Added Monthly Cost
$75,000 $11.40 $0.95
$100,000 $15.20 $1.27
$150,000 $22.80 $1.90
$200,000 $30.40 $2.53
Taxes based on lower, assessed value