Anthony Swofford - Hospitals, Hotels and Jails

Writers At Work
Jarhead author Anthony Swofford discusses his new memoir about self-destructive excess and rediscovering family.
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
6:30 pm
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Anthony Swofford's new memoir, Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails, chronicles how in the years after the success of his book Jarhead, he went on a binge of self-destructive excess. He lost almost everything and everyone that mattered to him.

Swofford pulled himself out of his near-deadly slump by reconnecting with his estranged and dying father, a philandering, hard-drinking Vietnam veteran. The two stubborn men took off on a series of RV trips where they frequently butted heads while slowly learning to understand one another.

Co-sponsored by the Writers at Work Roundtable and the UMKC English Department; organized by Kansas City author Whitney Terrell.