Bulls and Bears: Maxims of Wall Street

Mark Skousen
Financial expert Mark Skousen discusses his book Maxims of Wall Street, which includes more than 800 adages from such notable figures as Warren Buffett,  J.P. Morgan, and Steve Forbes.
Wednesday, November 6, 2013
6:30 pm
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For nearly 30 years Mark Skousen — financial economist, university professor, and author — has been collecting the wisdom of Wall Street in the form of adages, proverbs, and legends. He discusses how interviews with financial old-timers, his reading of rare business books, and his own experiences in the markets has resulted in his new collection of pithy sayings and observations in Maxims of Wall Street: A Compendium of Financial Adages, Ancient Proverbs, and Worldly Wisdom.

Skousen will also explain why the market remains the best and cheapest way to finance entrepreneurship and new innovations. His presentation is a pre-kickoff event for Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 18-24, 2013.

A former economist with the Central Intelligence Agency, Skousen has taught economics at Columbia Business School, Barnard College, and Columbia University. He now holds the Benjamin Franklin Chair of Management at Grantham University. He writes the Forecasts & Strategies newsletter.

He is the author of The Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, as well as several books about economics, including Investing In One Lesson; EconoPower; The Making of Modern Economics; and Vienna and Chicago, Friends or Foes?

Skousen is the founder and producer of FreedomFest, an annual conference held in Las Vegas and billed as the world’s largest gathering of free minds on liberty.

This event is co-sponsored by Grantham University.