Jonathan Steinberg - Bismarck: A Life

Biographer Jonathan Steinberg allows Otto von Bismarck’s contemporaries to tell the story of this German statesman who united a nation but had only contempt for his fellow man.
Thursday, November 29, 2012
6:30 pm
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In the late 19th century statesman Otto von Bismarck unified Germany while embodying everything brutal and ruthless about Prussian culture. Biographer Jonathan Steinberg allows Bismarck’s friends and foes to tell the story of this complex giant: a hypochondriac with the constitution of an ox and a brutal tyrant who could easily shed tears.

Steinberg is the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History at the University of Pennsylvania.

The event is co-sponsored by Adam Starr, the Lawrence D. Starr Family Foundation, and The University of Pennsylvania's Alumni Club.