Mattie Ross—A Portrait of Feminist Heroism or Traditional Masculinity?

Jane Wood, Brenda Bethman, Crystal Gorham Doss & Adrianne Russell
Moderator Jane Wood and panelists Brenda Bethman, Crystal Gorham Doss, and Adrianne Russell discuss whether True Grit’s Mattie Ross is a genuine feminist hero or merely a woman who mimics traditional manly virtues.
Thursday, October 24, 2013
6:30 pm
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Is True Grit’s Mattie Ross a genuine feminist hero or a merely a woman who mimics traditional masculinity?

Panelists Brenda Bethman, Adrianne Russell, and Crystal Gorham Doss — led by moderator Jane Wood — discuss the concept of the female hero and how this image has evolved. They delve into questions of the media portrayal of women (with special note of the Western genre), diversity in female depiction of heroism, and current activism in the Kansas City area to empower women and girls.