Movies That Matter: The Sequel

Movies That Matter: The Sequel

A film and lecture series on the great films presented by The Kansas City Public Library
Hosted by Robert W. Butler

Great movies don’t age. They transcend the decades, providing amusement, amazement, and entertainment for generation after generation. But great movies do more than just divert us — they give us new ways of looking at the world around us.

For the second year of Movies That Matter the Kansas City Public Library brings together films from both the silent and sound eras. There are comedies, musicals, adventures, searing drama, horror — even an animated classic. Each of these films has its own personality, one born of the combined efforts of writers, directors, designers, actors, musicians. A movie is a child of many mothers and fathers, but in the end it becomes its own unique creation.

September 2013 - April 2014

All programs begin at 1:30 p.m. Sundays at the
Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library
, 4801 Main St.

              September 29, 2013  
              The Grand Illusion
              (France; 1937)

              October 27, 2013  
              The Bride of Frankenstein
              (USA; 1935)

              November 17, 2013  
              (France; 1960)

              December 1, 2013  
              (USA; 1940)

              January 19, 2014  
              (USA; 1928)

          February 16, 2014  
          An American in Paris
          (USA; 1951)

          March 9, 2014  
          The Grapes of Wrath
          (USA; 1940)

          April 27, 2014  
          The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
          (USA; 1948)

          May 18, 2014  
          The Lady Eve
          (USA; 1941)

          June 1, 2014  
          The Adventures of Robin Hood
          (USA; 1938)