Stray Dog (2014)

Saturday, October 10, 2015 11:00 am
NR - Not Rated

Film director Debra Granik introduced Ronnie “Stray Dog” Hall to a national audience in the Academy Award-nominated Winter’s Bone, in which she cast the real-life Missouri biker as drug supplier Thump. Granik was so taken with Hall’s personal story — behind the tattoos and leather vest is a decent, tender-hearted man troubled by his time in Vietnam but devoted to helping his immigrant family and fellow veterans — that she made him the subject of her new documentary Stray Dog. The acclaimed doc kicks off a series of monthly films at the Library as part of the PBS-backed Indie Lens Pop-Up community cinema initiative. Hall, Stray Dog’s star, is featured in a subsequent discussion of the social issues it spotlights. There will also be a collection for the Kansas City VA Medical Center. Attendees can donate granola bars (individually packaged); coffee (regular, large cans); or crossword, Sudoku, and word search books. Note that the VA accepts only new items. Co-presented by KCPT-TV and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.