Podcasting Basics: Write, Record, and Publish

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Online Event

Starting a podcast seems like a fun idea when you think about the creative expression it allows, collaboration, and chance to chat with people about topics that interest you. But knowing where to start may feel overwhelming. This course demystifies the process and shows that a decent podcast can be put together by nearly anyone – without expensive studio equipment.

Learn the fundamentals of producing, recording, writing, and publishing a podcast. Explore how to conceptualize a podcast, create a format for a show, develop content, record and edit audio, as well as how to upload and distribute a podcast.

Participants will develop their own podcast project from the initial concept to final product. They will receive feedback and guidance from the instructor and have the opportunity to collaborate with classmates.

By the end of the course, participants will have a podcast they can confidently share with the world.

  • March 29: Introduction to the course and podcasting basics. Overview of the genres of podcasts. Discussion on finding your niche and developing your concept. Exercises: Brainstorming podcast ideas and developing a concept statement. Assignments: Choose a podcast idea and prepare a concept statement for review in the next class.
  • April 5: Class discussion about the elements of a successful podcast script and scriptwriting strategies. Review and feedback on previous week’s concept statements. Exercise: Write a quick podcast script based on your initial concept followed by a peer review of scripts. Assignment: Finalize your script and prepare to record.
  • April 12: Recording and editing your podcast. Introduction to recording equipment and software. Techniques for recording quality audio. Exercise: Recording and editing podcast demonstration. Assignment: Record your first podcast episode and prepare for publishing in the next class.
  • April 19: Publishing and promoting your podcast. Overview of podcast hosting platforms. Creating an effective show description and artwork. Final questions, feedback, and review. Assignment: Go forth and cast pods.

This class is taught by a graduate student in the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s MFA Program in Creative Writing. RSVP below to sign up for some or all of these class sessions.