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When you think of the word “model” does someone in the latest fashions strutting down a catwalk come to mind? True, that person is a model. You can be a model, too, and you don’t need a particular figure to do so. Another meaning for model, according to Macmillan Fully Illustrated Dictionary for Children (2007) is “a thing or person that serves as a good example; something to be copied.”

Does chilly weather make you want to sip hot apple cider with cinnamon in it? You aren’t alone. Fall brings with it delicious comfort foods—including pumpkins. Halloween is over, but Jack-o-lanterns are just one way to celebrate with pumpkins. Thanksgiving feasts traditionally feature pumpkin pies for desserts. According to Pumpkins by Anne L. Burckhardt, “Cookies, bread, and soup can be made from pumpkins. The seeds can be toasted for a snack.” So, there are a multitude of fall treats that we can create from this orange gourd. What if you have no idea what to make or how to make it?

All through this HOT summer, we’ve been talking about the cool things happening in our gardens: the plants we’ve grown (or tried to grow!), the creepy crawly pests that have invaded our plots, the tasty treats we can make from the produce of our hard work. We’ve learned a lot about growing our own food, but what about the rest of the things that we eat?

What about the bread that holds our tasty tomato sandwiches? What about scrambled eggs with cheese? WHAT ABOUT CHOCOLATE BARS?! I’m as hungry for information about where my food comes from as I am the food itself, and I’m sure that you have wondered about it, too. This month, I’m going to tell you about some great books that help answer the question: How did my food get to be, well, FOOD?

Market Day by Lois Ehlert is a great book to read with little kids who want to know more about the trip that their food takes from the farm to the farmers’ market. Bright colors illustrate the simple story of the journey taken by some carrots and tomatoes from the dark country fields where they grow to the lively market and then to the kitchen of a hungry family. New readers will need some help with some of the unfamiliar words, but the beautiful folk art pictures will give context clues when the story gets confusing.