816 Day at the Library

Date of Event: 
Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
August 16 is 816 Day, celebrating all things Kansas City! The Library Coffee Shop is offering one of our ceramic library coffee mugs, full of Novel Blend Coffee, and a pastry item for $8.16 
We will also sell a small cup of Novel Blend coffee or Iced Tea for 81.6¢ (ok so it’ll round up to 82¢ - but we’re trying!)

You can also complete our family friendly Library Scavenger Hunt to enter to win coffee, a coffee bar t-shirt or one of our cool library cold cups.

And last but not least- have you ever wondered what the 816 Dewey number represented? Well it’s American Letters. Write us a note about what you love about your library and we’ll give you a coupon for a free cup of coffee! (save that 81.6¢)

For more 816DAY events visit https://do816.com/p/816-day.