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Welcome to Film Central. Your KCPL account gives you access to thousands of movies; movies to check out from our Central Vault collection and movies to stream from Kanopy and Hoopla. Our talented staff, Cullen and James, will announce a film to discuss at the beginning of each month. Please watch the selection and join us on the third Wednesday of each month when we will meet on ZOOM and discuss. You can pop your own popcorn, wear your fuzzy slippers (or your dinner jacket) and talk movies.

The Parallax View is a singular giant in the history of genre cinema. Directed by Alan J. Pakula, it stands alone in founding the paranoid thriller genre along with its close cousins Klute and All the Presidents Men. Inspired by America’s real, fraught history with political assassination, this film manages to be both beautifully composed and shot, and evocative of a real anxiety of modern life. While The Parallax View tends towards a more fantastical, bombastic plotting than some of the more reserved entries into the paranoid thriller genre, this only gives its lead Warren Beatty more to work with as he delves the psychological depths of a man discovering that the society he knows is only one part of a much larger, impossible to comprehend conspiracy, where everyone is compromised or implicated in some way.

The Parallax View is streaming on Kanopy: