How to Write Your Life Story: Workshop

Date of Event: 
Sunday, October 27, 2019 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Cohen Conference Center
Authors - Literature

Turn Your Memories into a Life Story Book

Want to record your memories for your family but you’re not sure how? Join personal historian Amy Woods Butler to learn how you can start writing your life story today.

You’ve lived a full life. Whether it’s been quiet or full of drama, your family and future generations will want to know more about it. They’ll be curious about you and your growing-up years, the family members they never had a chance to meet, bygone eras that were so different from our current times. And you’re the only one who can give them this piece of their family history.

In this lively, engaging workshop, we’ll use prompts and activities to start gathering our meaningful memories and turning them into stories others will want to read. You’ll leave the workshop with prompts and worksheets to keep you writing at home and with ideas on how to share your writing with others.

Writing your life story doesn’t need to be scary! The only wrong way to do it is to not do it at all. Come join us and get started today.