Power Talk with the Author of The Intentional Woman

Date of Event: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm
Activity Type: 
Taking Back Your Power - The Holiday Series

Session 1: Proven tools for overcoming depression and anxiety during this holiday season

Depression and Anxiety seem to be the climate of the world right now. Tragedies are on every hand; hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanoes, and even mass murders. And now it's time for the holidays that come with stresses of money, family drama, past hurts, regrets; and you are wondering if it's even possible to have joy this holiday season. Join the author of The Intentional Woman as she shares the tools that she has used to empower herself and thousands of others to triumph over depression and anxiety. Let's take back the power of JOY this holiday!

Please feel free to bring a lunch to this event. We will also be broadcasting live on facebook! 

Other sessions in this series: 
Session 2: Learn to reclaim your power and heal from a negative family history
Session 3: Turn your new power into purpose for the new year
Session 4: Discover how to use the power of believing to create and live your new life in 2018

Brandy Bonner is a Best-Selling Author, Powerhouse Speaker, Empowerment Coach. She is a California native, but has spent her life in Kansas City, Mo. Brandy is know as the “tell it like it is Dream Queen” Aka “The Intentional Woman”. She helps people reframe their past, rediscover their dreams, and execute their Dream Life with Intention. She is sought after for being raw, real, and point blankly telling her truth. Brandy is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, as well as various blogs and podcast. She recently released her self- published memoir “The Intentional Woman”. Many lives have been transformed by her heroic recounting of her journey through her Nightmares to her Dream Life. She shares the exact principles she used to transform her own life of abuse, depression, and anxiety. Brandy is an avid reader, and self taught Personal Development Guru. She enjoys spending time with her husband and homeschooling her daughter. They enjoy learning, dancing, laughing, and exploring the ways of the Universe together. You can contact Brandy for speaking, coaching, or writing at : bbonnerconsults@gmail.com.