Read Local! Jillian Dunlay

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
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You eat local, you shop at local stores - but do you read local? Introducing a new series at the Plaza Library! Join us on the second Tuesday of each month for a visit from a local author
Hear about their work and have a chance to meet and mingle!

Tuesday, March 13th: Jillian Dunlay Untamed

Jillian Dunlay is a teen novelist and poet from Kansas. She has published several poems, and has recently completed her first novel, "Untamed," a dystopian thriller.

Amidst North America’s crumbling infrastructure lies The Forces; a ruthless group of attackers rapidly dominating countries all around the world. Sixteen years prior to the attacks, the President of the United States was notified that the day would eventually come when America too would fall to the power of The Forces. In a desperate attempt to protect his nation, Operation New Awakening was born. The lives of five unsuspecting teenagers are suddenly twisted when they are identified as Awakened. On a search for identity and a hunt for survival, these five teens must do everything they can to uncover the truth behind the government’s actions; no matter how deadly the outcome may be.