April 2018 is Money Smart Month

Earn $100 Toward Overdue Fines During April

Attend a Library-sponsored Money Smart Month program between April 2-30 and receive a voucher for up to $100 off current fines/fees.

Offer is good for any Money Smart class taught at the Kansas City Public Library during the month of April 2018. The list of eligible classes appears on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn a Money Smart voucher?

Attend Money Smart Day on April 7 at the Central Library, or participate in any eligible Library -sponsored Money Smart Month class or activity during the month of April.

How much is the voucher worth?

Vouchers are good for up to $100 off existing fines and fees at any Kansas City Public Library location.

Can I use the voucher to pay for printing in Library computer labs?

No. Vouchers only cover existing fees and fines; they cannot be applied to accounts for printing.

Do I have to take a class to get the voucher?

There are a number of eligible Money Smart Month classes or activities you can participate in to receive a voucher. See the list of activities.

Do the vouchers expire?

Yes. Vouchers are good through Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Will the voucher work for old overdue fines?

Yes. Vouchers can be applied to current or old fines, fees, or charges for lost items.

How many vouchers can I earn?

You may only earn one voucher during Money Smart Month, but you can apply the $100 value to multiple Library accounts in your family.

How many times I can I use my voucher?

Vouchers are good for one-time use only, and they can only apply to existing fees or fines. Vouchers cannot be applied toward future fines or fees. For instance, if you currently have $30 in fines, you may use the voucher to cover this amount, but you will not have a credit for the difference or be able to “hold” that leftover amount for future use.

Can I use the voucher for my kids’ accounts or for multiple members of my family?

Yes, but there are limits. The voucher is worth total of $100; as an example, you can pay $50 on your account, $20 on your child’s account, $20 for your spouse’s, and $10 for your grandparent’s account. However, you must pay all those fees using the voucher during one visit. Be sure to bring account information for all appropriate family members when you redeem your voucher at your local Library location.

Are fines and fees forgiven for items I borrowed through interlibrary loan or materials I obtained through the Kansas City Public catalog that belong to other area libraries?

Yes. Your voucher can be applied towards late fees, replacement costs for damaged materials, or lost-item charges.

Will the yearly Foods for Fines program still happen in October?

Yes, we currently plan to continue our relationship with Harvesters and have a Foods for Fines program this fall.