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Dosunmu, Andrew, film director.
Gervasi, Sacha, film director, screenwriter.
Sommers, Stephen, screenwriter, director.
Sommers, Stephen, film director.
Film adaptation of (work): Ames, Jonathan. You were never really here.
Stein, Vaughn.
Kaijser, Simon.
Ayouch, Nabil.
Rouhana, Tim, film director.
Loach, Jim, 1969- film director.
McCarthy, Melissa, 1969- screenwriter, film producer, actor.
Based on (work): Vlautin, Willy. Lean on Pete
Hayes, Michael J, narrator.
Collin, Kasper, 1972- producer, screenwriter, director.
Hicks, Scott, film director.
Grann, David, screenwriter.
Polanski, Roman.
Garbarski, Sam, 1948- screenwriter, film director.
Shoaf, Brian, film director, screenwriter.
Chandrasekhar, Jay.
Fargeat, Coralie, film director, screenwriter.
Miller, Rebecca, 1962- film producer, screenwriter, film director.
Nicolas-Troyan, Cedric, film director.
Fey, Tina
Baumbach, Noah, 1969- film director, screenwriter.
Whedon, Joss, 1964- film director.
Feeney, David, 1974- screenwriter.
Duplass, Mark film producer.
Winterbottom, Michael.
Anderson, Wes, 1969- film director, screenwriter, film producer.
Phillips, Todd.
Murray, Bill, 1950 September 21-
Neeson, Liam.
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