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Draper, Deborah Riley, film director, film producers, screenwriter.
Bisson, Yannick, 1969- actor.
McMahan, Mike (Television writer and producer), creator.
Hays, John (Director), director.
Bell, Martin, 1943- film director, film producer, author of supplemental material.
Scorsese, Martin, film director.
Pennebaker, D. A., film director.
Liu, Bing, 1989- producer, director.
Dewsbery, Andrea, television producer.
Cianfrance, Derek, screenwriter, television director.
Holland, Luke, film director.
Goode, Matthew, 1978- actor.
Biderman, Ann, creator.
Wolf, Dick, television producer.
Brandt, Michael, 1968- creator.
Chase, Dauri, 1961- television producer.
Agrelo, Marilyn, film director.
Oppenheim, Lance, film director, film producer.
Gray, Edward (Director), screenwriter, director.
McCabe, Daniel, television director, television producer, screenwriter.
Penker, Otmar, director.
Joubert, Dereck, film producer, screenwriter.
Fletcher, Mark (Motion picture editor), screenwriter.
Murray, John, 1964- film director, screenwriter.
Lang, Nancy (Director), screenwriter, director, producer.
Burns, Ken, 1953- on screen participant.
Peat, Sarah, television director, television producer.
Force, Bud, 1979- producer, director.
Nanau, Alexander, 1979- producer, screenwriter, director.
Garber, Victor, narrator.
Cottingham, Matt, film director, film producer.
Webb, Marc, director.
El Maanouni, Ahmed, film director, screenwriter.
Wolper, David L., executive producer.
Riggs, Marlon T., director, screenwriter, film producer.
Kelley, David E., 1956- creator, screenwriter, television producer.
Arnold, Lewis (Television director), television director.
Iannucci, Armando, 1963- television producer.
McNamara, Tony (Director), screenwriter, creator, television producer.
Baranski, Christine, actor.
Waller-Bridge, Phoebe, 1985- actor, screenwriter, creator.
Bodina, Kim, actor.
Thomas, Damon, (Director), television director, television producer.
Eisner, Breck, director.
Coulter, Allen.
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