Create Your Own Story @ Your Library

Create Your Own Story @ Your Library

The Kansas City Public Library asks patrons to celebrate National Library Week by sharing their own stories through three creative (and rewarding) online approaches:

Match Books

Visit the Library's Facebook page and post the titles of the last three books that you enjoyed on our wall; in return, the Library will match you up with your next favorite book! Librarians are standing by at, Monday (April 11) through Saturday (April 16).

Book Spine Poetry

Book spine poetry is created by stacking a series of carefully selected book titles, which create a short poem when the spines are read in descending order. A picture makes the concept plain — and pictures of book spine poetry are what we want!

Share your book spine poetry photos on the Kansas City Public Library's Facebook page, tweet them to @KCLibrary, or tag your photos on Flickr with 'kclibrary.' Blank verse, haiku, iambic pentameter - the entire arsenal of poetic devices is yours to choose from!



Write and share your personal story with guidance from the successful LifeWriting program — designed to inspire autobiographical essays and self-reflection. Please use the following LifeWriting prompts as inspiration for creating your story:

Prompt A – Need for Speed:

How do you feel about your first car or truck? Was it a family member or a heap of metal on rubber that got you to work? What color was it? How did you get it? When did you stop driving it? Do you ever sing in your car? Talk to yourself? Cry? Yell?

Prompt B – Home Sweet Home:

What did your childhood home look like? Describe it. Do you remember the view from your bedroom window? What did you do to make your room your own? Did neighbors and visitors knock on the door or ring the bell? Did you keep the doors closed and locked or unlatched? Where did your family eat?

Prompt C – No Experience Necessary:

What was your first job? Do you have a favorite memory of a time on this job? Ever work a holiday? Of all the jobs you’ve held, which did you like best? Do you remember who gave you your first break? What did this person do for you? If you didn’t work, what would you do all day?

Email to share your LifeWriting story with the Kansas City Public Library; submissions may be archived in the Missouri Valley Special Collections or selected for publication on the Library's blog.

Coordinated by the American Library Association, National Library Week is an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians.