Booketology Sweet 16 Results

Our Spring Tournament of Books has returned for the third year! It's book vs. book and you get to decide the winners. The results of the Sweet 16 round are below, and you can Vote in the Elite 8 of Booketology until March 31. Based on NCAA Basketball's "Bracketology," we pit favorite book titles against one another, with voting for the champions open to anyone. Some are beloved classics, others are new and buzz-worthy titles.

The votes are in for the Sweet 16 round, and we had our closest competition ever in the history of Booketology. In the New & Notable category, Terry McMillan's Who Asked You? defeated Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by only one vote!

Watchmen was victorious in Graphic Novels, beating out Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns with 59% of the vote.

Mystery went to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl over Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.

Children's literature was a close battle. A Wrinkle in Time won by only fifteen votes. Sorry, Charlotte.

John Green's YA juggernaut The Fault in Our Stars destroyed the competition, taking 71% of votes over Monster by Walter Dean Myers.

Ender Wiggin won the war in Science Fiction, with Ender's Game taking 63% of votes over Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

In Classics, Little Women took the top spot over Animal Farm.

And finally in Fantasy, Neil Gaiman's new work, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, beat out Terry Pratchett's Raising Steam with 78% of the votes.

The full vote breakdown from our last round is below. If you'd like to check any of these books out from the Library the full Booketology list, with catalog links, is here.


Now that the field of competitors have been narrowed down to the Elite 8, it has become a battle of genres: Mystery is pitted against Graphic Novels, Fantasy faces off with Children's literature, Science Fiction takes on the New & Notable, and finally, it's Young Adult vs. Classics. Only four books can advance, and you decide.

Check out all the competitors in the Elite 8 bracket:

The full Booketology Schedule voting schedule:

Round 1: March 22-24
Sweet 16: March 25-27
Elite 8: March 28-31
Final 4: April 1-3
Championship: April 4-6

The championship book will be announced on April 7!
Vote now and have fun, everyone!

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