Chapter 31

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Pam Whiting: Vice President of Communications, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Pam Whiting is a familiar voice to many Kansas Citians. She was a reporter, news director, and so-called “morning personality” for many years as half of the popular “Dan & Pam” AM show. She also was a reporter for KMBC-TV and hosted a talk show on KCPT-Channel 19. Whiting currently serves as vice president of Communications for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Prior to that, she served as press secretary to then-Mayor Emanuel Cleaver II.

She lives in Kansas City with her husband, dog, and two cats.

SYNOPSIS: A pleasant adventure in McDougal’s Cave becomes a nightmare for Tom and Becky as they lose their way, and find their sources of food and light dwindling quickly. Soon after their last candle dies, Tom happens upon his nemesis wandering a passageway nearby – narrowly avoiding discovery as he searches for escape.