Kansas City Public Library Revamping Rules for DVD Checkouts; Removing $1 Fee, Eliminating Renewals

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Courtney Lewis,816.701.3669
Kansas City Public Library Revamping Rules for DVD Checkouts;<br> Removing $1 Fee, Eliminating Renewals

Think of it as an early holiday present.

The Kansas City Public Library announced today it is taking steps to make its DVD collection more accessible by removing the $1 fee for feature films and limiting all DVD checkouts to 1 week with no renewals. The changes will take effect on Friday, December 5, 2014.

"With the Library now providing free video streaming through Hoopla (HooplaDigital.com), it didn't make sense for us to continue charging a $1 fee for DVD checkouts that provided access to much of the same content," Kansas City Public Library Deputy Director of Branch and Library Services Joel Jones said.

The $1 fee dates back to an era when VHS was the prevailing technology, and the cost of obtaining movies, documentaries and television shows was much higher.

"That was also a time when libraries did not consider video to be a core service," Jones said. "In recent years, the cost of acquiring DVDs has declined and patrons have come to expect libraries to include them in their collection."

The decision to limit all DVD checkouts to 1 week with no renewals will make it easier for Library patrons to find something that interests them.

"This is a model we began using about a year ago with our New & Notable book collection," Jones said. "We have found that a lot of people like to come to the Library to browse the shelves - for books or DVDs. By not allowing renewals, we can get materials back on the shelves where they can be discovered and checked out again and again."

The Kansas City Public Library houses a collection of 39,000 DVDs. While the collection includes many mainstream films, the Library's collections policy emphasizes the acquisition of award-winning and culturally significant titles that are difficult to find in today's retail DVD rental market. The collection also includes many popular children's and educational titles, instructional and documentary videos, and popular television shows.