Kansas City Public Library Takes Computer Classes Outside the Library

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Courtney Lewis
Kansas City Public Library Takes Computer Classes Outside the Library

Kansas City, MO - The Kansas City Public Library is beginning a new chapter in the effort to bridge Kansas City’s digital divide. Beginning this month, the Library will take its popular computer classes on the road for the first in a series of computer Learning Circles.
The goal is to teach computer skills to Kansas City residents who many not have access or computer knowledge, in order to make their lives easier. 
The first class takes place Thursday, May 25th, 1 pm - 2:30 pm for three consecutive Thursdays at the Georgian Court Apartments, 400 E. Armour Rd. Digital Inclusion Fellow Wendy Pearson will teach a maximum of fifteen residents computer basics. That includes learning how to hold a mouse and becoming familiar with basic computer terms. 
The Library has partnered with Phoenix Family Services, which owns the complex, to make this class successful. Phoenix staffers have been going door to door to register residents who want to participate. 
While the library offers basic computer classes in all of its locations, Pearson knows bringing the classes directly to people is important.

“The populations that we’re really trying to reach face challenges, especially with transportation and time. It’s just not convenient for many of them travel to the library," she says. "Even though we have libraries all over and we think of it as easy to get to the library, sometimes we don’t understand the challenges people face. We’re trying to make it as convenient as possible.”
Those who complete the class will receive a graduation package, which could include a refurbished device.
The Library will offer a second computer basics course coming up at Phil B. Curls Manor, a Phoenix Family Services senior housing complex, coming up this summer.