Library Increases Minimum Starting Wage to $10 Per Hour

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Courtney Lewis
Library Increases Minimum Starting Wage to $10 Per Hour

Kansas City, MO - Effective immediately, the minimum starting wage for employees at the Kansas City Public Library will be $10 per hour. The current state of Missouri minimum wage is $7.70 per hour. 

“In addition to being a fair living wage which will help our staff, the Library also believes it will enhance our ability to recruit and retain employees,” said Library Director Crosby Kemper III.

In March, the City Council approved an ordinance that would increase the minimum wage in Kansas City to $8.50 per hour beginning September 18th. On August 17th, the Council approved a resolution encouraging local businesses to comply with the living wage of $10 per hour approved by Kansas City voters August 8th.  However, Missouri state law prevents any city from raising its local minimum wage ordinance above the state wage. 

Despite the legal status of the city’s ordinance, the Library recognizes the importance of increasing our own starting wage.

“We, along with the City and the voters, believe it is a fair living wage – or at least the start of one,” said Kemper. “It is just the right thing to do.”