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Reality Boy

In A.S. King’s addictive new book Reality Boy, Gerald Faust and his family have to live with the aftermath of their time on the fake reality show, Network Nanny.

The Education of Henry Adams

The Education of Henry Adams is, by any reckoning, a peculiar autobiography. It is written in the 3rd person, and Adams fails to include every major event of his life in his work, leaving out twenty whole years, years that included his entire marriage and his wife’s suicide.

The President is a Sick Man by Matthew Alpeo

How much information should the public know about a President's health? Should they know if they undergo major surgery? One American leader worked to keep his illness hidden from public view.

Matthew Alpeo in The President is a Sick Man explores a little known fact of American Presidential history. Soon after Grover Cleveland took the oath of office for the second time, he noticed a lesion in his mouth. Doctors who looked at it felt it should be removed as it would likely be cancerous. In 1893, cancer struck fear in everyone, and no one talked about it openly. Former President Ulysses S. Grant died of oral cancer so Cleveland wanted to keep his illness a secret.

The Panic of 1893 had settled over the country. Businesses and railroads were shutting their doors. Another problem swirled around whether gold or silver should back the currency of the United States. Many people were out of work. News of the President's health would only add to the sense of unease.

And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini’s newest offering, And The Mountains Echoed, is flying off the shelves at the Library. Is this because the author of The Kite Runner has created yet another haunting literary masterpiece that you won’t be able to stop reading?

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Rose Under Fire, the new sequel to Code name Verity, picks up a year after Elizabeth Wein's previous novel left off. It's August 1944 and Rose Justice grew up in Pennsylvania flying planes from a young age.