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King Dork

If April be the month of fools, laugh on, especially if your March Madness bracket is nothing to smile about. These five books bring the funny in a myriad of punchlines delivered by the most unlikely of jokesters.

King Con – Stephen J. Cannell
Ripping off mobsters is always a pleasant diversion, no? Stephen J. Cannell makes it a lively one by introducing colorful, loveable Beano Bates, who has teed off a short-tempered golf-playing “family” man who is now attempting a hole in one on Beano with a nine-iron.

In retaliation, Beano teams up with a naïve yet earnest DA to pull another con on the mobster. Beano begins to fall for the upright, uptight DA, so he takes her home to meet the family, all of whom have a grifting specialty they eagerly share with Beano’s gal.

 For fans of caper novels, King Con has a roller-coaster pace and familiar characters from the imagination of one of television’s most prolific writers.

Then We Came to the End

If you were among the 3.5 million people who tuned into the season five premiere of Mad Men this past Sunday, you're probably used to long waits between moments of joy. To tide you over until the next episode, check out these books inspired by the world of advertising.

Food Lovers' Guide to Kansas City

Already world famous for its lip-smacking barbecue, Kansas City proves it has much more to offer the culinary palate in the Food Lovers’ Guide To Kansas City by Sylvie Hogg Murphy.

Vienna 1814

What would it be like to attend an international diplomatic conference? Would it be one endless meeting, or would business be conducted in the midst of merriment? Definitely more the latter, according to David King's view of the 1814-15 Congress of Vienna.

Black Water Rising

Tonight, featured Winter Reading author Attica Locke speaks at the Plaza Branch. But before you go, check out librarian Amy Morris' video review of Locke's award-winning novel Black Water Rising.