Summer Reading Registration

The Library uses an online service called Beanstack to help Summer Reading participants—for both Youth and Adult programs—log and track their books.

If you registered online for Summer Reading last year, you do not need to re-register; you can simply go to the main Beanstack page and click "Sign In" with your existing username and password.

When you begin the registration process, follow the directions to enroll in the Summer Reading Program. Here are some tips:

1. Go to the Summer Reading landing page and click the "SIGN UP" button.

  • Did you register for last year's Summer Reading Program through Beanstack? Then you're all set—simply click "Sign In" in at the prompt with your existing username and password and start logging your books.
  • Is this your first time taking part in Summer Reading using Beanstack? Follow the enrollment instructions below or go to the main page to get started.

2. At the Beanstack welcome screen, select "Register as an Individual or Family."

If you registered last year, click "Sign In" and log in with your username and password.

3. Select "I am registering myself."

This option allows parents to register themselves for Adult Summer Reading and their children for Youth Summer Reading.

4. Complete all required fields on the registration form.

* NOTE: Registration for Adult or Youth programs is organized by selecting the age range in the "In What Year Were You Born?" drop-down menu field.



Select your year of birth from the drop-down, then under the Grade Level drop-down, choose Adult.


Select your child's year of birth from the drop-down, then select the appropriate Grade Level and School (if applicable).

5. Finish registration and start logging your books!

Once you have submitted your five completed books in the Beanstack reading log, you can visit any Library location to claim Summer Reading rewards. Library staff will check your record to confirm proper criteria has been met.

You can also bring a completed paper Reading Log (download here) to any Library location and a staff member will get you signed up in the system.

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