Destination: Anywhere!

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Great stories take you places. Unlike any other medium, a book can transport readers a few counties or a few continents away just for the view or for a change of scenery or to observe another culture up-close. No maps and travel guides necessary. No tourist traps netting the unwary.

Great authors understand that a truly unique story unfolds in a truly unique setting, and those surroundings – be it a suffocating jungle, an urban bustle or barren desert – make the actions (real or imagined) more memorable.

Destination: Anywhere! offers readers some of the most captivating vistas put into print, scenic landscapes that create a mood and motivate men and women to act on instinct, impulse, or whim. These destinations are places that shape people – and shape readers.

Book Review Videos: Check out YouTube videos of librarians discussing the Suggested Readings from the Winter Reading Program.

What is Winter Reading?

The Adult Winter Reading Program is an annual initiative of the Library aimed at encouraging leisure reading among adults. Every year, the program advances a different theme (such as Destination: Anywhere!) as a means of recommending literary classics and overlooked gems to the reading public.