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Because the night belongs to...whom? Does the night belong to the creatures that prowl it, seeking solace from the harsh light of day, like werewolves or vampires? Or is the night merely full of mystery and magic, like a circus that appears from nowhere or a bookstore with an esoteric and elite clientele? Do criminals and detectives own the night, mistaking one for the other depending on the circumstance, darkness blurring the lines between them? Perhaps nighttime is the right time to relax, enjoy an evening football game, or watch a moonflower bloom. For some, sundown signals more than nocturnal darkness, it’s a descent into personal shadows. For others, the night is a fathomless world of exploration and possibility.

While the City Sleeps entices readers to explore fiction and nonfiction, the interplay of light and dark, the shadows of the human soul and the brightness of the human spirit.

Video Book Reviews: Check out YouTube videos of librarians discussing the Suggested Readings from the Winter Reading Program.

What is Winter Reading?

The Adult Winter Reading Program is an annual initiative of the Library aimed at encouraging leisure reading among adults. Every year, the program advances a different theme (such as While the City Sleeps) as a means of recommending literary classics and overlooked gems to the reading public.