Data & Records

This has facts and data about countries around the world. Each country profile includes a map, flag image, a general introduction, and information about its geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

Download statistics and raw numbers relating to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. The site also includes a robust mapping feature, allowing for the display of color-coded, data-driven maps. The foundation of this database is parcel level surveys of housing conditions in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

Annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry. The series is useful for studying the economic activity of small areas; analyzing economic changes over time; and as a benchmark for statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic censuses.

The Economic Census profiles American business every 5 years, from the national to the local level.

Provides access to data and trend information from more than 100 federal agencies on such topics as economic and population trends, crime, education, health care, aviation safety, energy use, farm production and more.

GeoFRED® offers geographical economic data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve. Free to use, explore economic and demographic data down the the county level, and build customizable maps.

Birth, death, marriage, and divorce records for the state of Kansas.

Provides access to social and economic data and characteristics of the Kansas City region.

This online collection contains abstracts of Missouri birth, stillbirth, and death records recorded before 1910 that are available on microfilm at the Missouri State Archives. is your access to the Missouri state courts automated case management system. From here you are able to inquire about case records including docket entries, parties, judgments and charges in public court.