NoveList Plus

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Use NoveList to discover read-alike titles or authors:

1. Type in a book title, series, or author you enjoyed and hit search.

2. In the list of results, click on the title or author's name.

3. On the feature page, find read-alike titles in the right sidebar.

Other discovery tools:

Novelist offers descriptions of thousands of books, fiction and nonfiction. Select favorite titles, authors, themes, or genres, and get suggested read-alikes.

Try NoveList's Appeal Mixer to choose specific terms for your book recommendation. Gritty and Fast-Paced? Sassy and Lyrical? It's all there.

More NoveList features:

  • Genre information and newsletters
  • Recommendations for kids
  • Resources for teachers
  • Links to library catalog and Goodreads
  • Book group discussion guides
  • Award lists and information

Access Policy: 
Library card required from home
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Data & Records