Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Knowing how to use a computer is increasingly important in our world. But if you’re not familiar with computers, it can be hard to know where to start. The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment can help you discover the computer skills you already know and which skills you can improve.

You can take any of the 11 assessments for practice at any time to see your skill levels. If you feel confident in an area, you can take an official assessment with a library staff member at your preferred branch. A score of 85% or higher will earn you a certificate, which looks great on resumes, college applications, and more!

If you discover areas needing improvement, print off the results of the assessment(s) and set up an appointment with one of our Tech Coaches. They can help you master these skills and feel confident using computers before you take the official assessment to earn the certificate. See the different skill sections below to also find great learning resources you can use for free at any time.

Northstar Assessment 01 - Basic Computer Skills
Northstar Assessment 02 - Internet Basics
Northstar Assessment 03 - Using Email
Northstar Assessment 04 - Windows 10
Northstar Assessment 05 - Microsoft Word
Northstar Assessment 06 - Microsoft Excel
Northstar Assessment 07 - Microsoft PowerPoint
Northstar Assessment 08 - Social Media