Thorpe Menn Award

The Thorpe Menn Award for Literary Excellence, sponsored by the Kansas City Branch of the American Association of University Women, is presented to give recognition for excellence in writing by local authors.

2015 – 37th
Barbara Stuber
Girl in Reverse

2014 – 36th
Maija Rhee Devine
The Voices of Heaven

2013 – 35th
Samuel Arbesman
The Half-Life of Facts

2012 – 34th
Candice Millard
Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President

2011 – 33rd
Christie Hodgen
Elegies for the Brokenhearted

2010 – 32nd
Linda Rodriguez
Heart's Migration

2009 – 31st
Donna Trussell
What's Right About What's Wrong: Poems

2008 – 30th
Martha McCarty
Five Island Diaries: Stories of Love, Lost and Found

2007 – 29th
Ann Pai
My Other Body: A Memoir of Love, Fat, Life and Death

2006 – 28th
Joel Goldman
Deadlocked: A Novel

2005 – 27th
Max J. Skidmore
After the White House: Former Presidents as Private Citizens

2004 – 26th
Robert Stewart
Outside Language: Essays

2003 – 25th
Rod Townley
Into the Labyrinth: A Novel

2002 – 24th
Jacqueline Guidry
The Year the Colored Sisters Came to Town

2001 – 23rd
Nancy Pickard
The Whole Truth

2000 – 22nd
Maryfrances Wagner
Red Silk: Poems

1999 – 21st
Michael Farrell
Papabile: The Man Who Would Be Pope
Cecile M. Franking
From Ink and Sandalwood

1998 – 20th
Debra Di Blasi
Drought & Say What You Like

1997 – 19th
Gordon MacKenzie
Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool's Guide to Surviving with Grace

1996 – 18th
Thomas C. Fox
Sexuality and Catholicism

1995 – 17th
G. P. Schultz
Incident at Simms Center

1994 – 16th
Gloria Vando
Promesas: Geography of the Impossible

1993 – 15th
J. J. Maloney
The Pariah's Handbook: A Literary Guide to the Underworld

1992 – 14th
Cathy Johnson
A Naturalist's Cabin: Constructing a Dream

1991 – 13th
Conger Beasley, Jr.
Sundancers and River Demons: Essays on Landscape and Ritual

1990 – 12th
C. W. Gusewelle
Far From Any Coast: Pieces of America's Heartland

1989 – 11th
David Perkins
Wrapped Minds and Other Essays, Reviews and Commentaries of Art, Politics and Real Life

1988 – 10th
John M. Swomley
Religious Liberty and the Secular State: The Constitutional Context

1987 – 9th
Richard L. Miller
Truman: The Rise to Power

1986 – 8th
Janet Bruce
The Kansas City Monarchs: Champions of Black Baseball

1985 – 7th
Robert M. Farnsworth
Melvin B. Tolson, 1898-1996: Plain Talk and Poetic Prophecy

1984 – 6th
Victor Papanek
Design for Human Scale

1983 – 5th
David Ray
The Touched Life: Poems, Selected and New

1982 – 4th
Janice Young Brooks

1981 – 3rd
W. R. "Doc" Wilson
Fur, Feathers, and Scalps: A Collection of Short Stories

1980 – 2nd
Richard Rhodes
Looking for America: A Writer's Odyssey

1979 – 1st
David Melton
Theodore: A Novel

1979–2000 list compiled by Alice Stewart, Johnson County Public Library.