Online collections of primary sources about Missouri's history. Topics include agriculture, the arts, business, cultures, science, women, and much more.

This includes resources about African American history in Missouri from the Missouri State Archives.

Located in Kansas City, Mo this nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving the history of African-American baseball.

The Pendergast Years

Explore thousands of digitized photographs, postcards, legal documents and letters from the interwar period, when "Boss" Tom Pendergast exerted powerful influence over the civic and cultural life of Kansas City. The collection is accompanied by dozens of articles, a comprehensive timeline, interactive maps and other features. Brought to you by The Kansas City Public Library and partner organizations.

This site has information about the military history of the U.S. Army.

This site contains information about the Revolutionary and Colonial eras of American history.

From the Library of Congress, this is an online collection of first-hand accounts of U.S. veterans of war.

This site offer "a permanent digital archive of digitized, restored, transcribed, and translated interviews with Holocaust survivors conducted by Dr. David P. Boder in 1946."

The Westport Historical Society celebrates the history of Westport and its first citizens.

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem is the Jewish people's memorial to those murdered in the Holocaust. This site contains an online photo archive, the central database of Shoah victims' names, and the Shoah-related lists database.